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Sun, Oct. 2nd, 2005, 12:26 am

Cuh! this is paola invading Denise's livejournal. . .
Im so glad to be here. I love her so much. BIRTHDAY GIRL! I hope you had fun with us eating, playing poker, talking, frijoles, and busting a mission to the star bucks on sepulveda.

I had fun. FUN FUN FUN. I dont want to go back home tomorrow mornin'. I hate arizona. I am going to miss you. alot.!

Ej came over and I was surprised he did. Its really cool. I havent seen him and people in a while. AND BRENDA! i SAW brenda. that was freaken awesome. I missed everyone.

Right now denise, you are talking about how people are so disrespectful and about how people dont give a damn and that they're not CUTE. lol.

THUMBSUCKER. lets watch et.

and hair.
"you look different today"

DENISE! you're talking alot about crazy stuff. stuff that you've probably been dying to tell SOMEONE and I am finally here to hear you out. its great.


Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005, 12:00 am
Unhappy Birthday

A Very Unhappy Birthday To Me..........

I guess you could say that I am officialy...................................................... a year older

Fri, Sep. 30th, 2005, 11:46 pm

i went to a hockey game today at the arrowhead pond i was at a suite it was oo much fun i really enjoyed it and i want to go again

it was fun iwas never bored1!

Tue, Sep. 27th, 2005, 05:10 pm

hey everyone
this is very last minuet
its my birthday is this saturday the first and my sisters is the second so we are going to have a b.b.q to celebrate at my house I'm not sure when its going to start but i will post again so if anybody wants to come feel free

Sun, Sep. 18th, 2005, 09:39 am
Yes, we are hungry here!

 *In a ghetto voice*  We're going to ihop!


C'mon now lets go!

Wed, Sep. 14th, 2005, 10:23 pm

today ..................

bruiser thought he could fly

it was so funny i cant even begin to explain

but i swear he thought he could fly and instead he ended up smashing his face on a fence haha

god i guess you had to be there

mickey is sick so she wants everybody to baby her haha

and erika favela is pregnant 7 months shes due soon


Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 08:29 pm

i think its safe to say that bruiser is back to normal i walked into the room biting a steamed carrot and bruiser got uo right away before i could even sit down and sniffed and stood right in front of me untill i gave the carrot up haha

i love him

and hes not going anywhere

Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 11:11 am

last nite me and mickey made pina coladas it was good

but we did something that we shouldnt have
we got bruiser wasted!!!!
he was drunk and i mean drunk
he couldnt even lift his leg to pee we gave him that plus coconut rum

it was funny

he would literally just plop down on the floor

he trew up so much this morning he passed out a couple times

it was wierd but scary

he just passed out again

i dont think we will be doing that again

Fri, Sep. 2nd, 2005, 10:37 pm
longgg post

Well i just got back from san diego and i feel like writing about my trip so here it goes haha

thursday morning we headed for san diego and we got to the hotel around 4 we got settled in and then we went outlet shopping which was fun i got new clothes fromt he gap and 2 pairs of really great jeans that i not love from ralph lauren haha i like outlet shopping everything is way cheaper i was going to look for stuff from tommy hilfiger but then i remembered what isabel said and i was like ehhhh i dont feel like it anymore

then we went back to the hotel put on our swimsuits and went into the pool thsy had this bubbly jaquzzi which felt so good it was fun

then we showered and went to islands i had the yummist tortilla soup it was good and then we went back and me and my nephews since we shared a room we orded the longest yard on the tv but i fell asleep the last 30 min but it was still funny
omg i woke up like at 5 my nephew who fell aslepp ont he floor came to the bed but i guess he was so tired he didnt make it i was sleeping ont he outside and i woke up to him sleeping on me
like literally on me
haha right on top liek the back of his head was on mine face haha

friday morning we woke up packed up went to lego land which was fun untill like 6 then we went to my cousins restaurant in san clemente its soo good he is the best cook

then we drove home

and now i have to get ready pack again because im off to las vegas untill sunday night because i have school on tuesday :(((((((((

i cant wait to go its goign to be fun!!!!

i will post on about my trip to vegass

at lego land they had mintown and one oft hem was new orleans god i felt so bad looking at it knowing that the city is practically underwater

i wish i could go over and help i really do just go over with supplies and help take care of them i cant believe president bush just now after liek 3 or 4 days waited to do something because he said he was on vacation thats what my brother said he sdaid he saw it on the news that the mayor is really upset witht he president for neglecting them at first
i wish i could go over ther school can wait it really can those people cant wait people are dying from lack of water food and even air people are stuck in building its just horrible

it really gets to me because i lived on the the west coast of florida by the gulf for about 4 years and weve had some really bad storm and we were really close to being hit by a hurricane but we got lucky and it changed directon the most we ever had were tornados but minor ones

just knowing that it could have happened to us whiel living over makes me feels grateful
just to think that all of new orleans may not ever be what it was makes me think that anything could happen

it breaks my heart to watch the news the the little kids who wont be having a first day of school or a birthday or anything else i really wish there was something i could do besides sending money i want to join the red cross and help especially the children
imagine all the helpless people at the hospital in comas or all broken bones or people on life support they couldnt help it it sad

on the news they said they didnt expect it to be so big but it was because of the temperature it was high every year its getting hotter because of global warming we need to stop abusing out natural resources

all i know is that even though i live really far im really grateful that i have a home food water my family and my life

ok bye

Mon, Aug. 29th, 2005, 05:29 pm

i finally did something with my myspace

thanks to mickey she made my background but something is wrong my peaock back ground wont show!!!

ahh this sucksss

skipped back 10